1.    Establish and manage On Line Platform, Web site, social networks (Facebook, Linked-in and Twitter) for providing up-to-date information on Action achievements and contact point for all interesting parties.

2.    Establish links with a wide range of stakeholders from different countries and organizations.

3.    Review of existing and future applications of RNAi and creation a bioinformatics data-base. A report on various testing systems for RNAi plants and a review of applications of RNAi under study.

4.    Develop research and delivery priorities, strategies, proposals and initiatives for developing new RNAi systems and to fill the knowledge gaps.

5.    A review of the novel methods/protocols for developing RNAi systems for improving crop production and protection in Europe, including their applications and advantages and weaknesses (e.g. new transgenic rootstocks able to transfer virus resistance to non transgenic scion cultivars).

6.    Compilation of reviews on the available knowledge on aspects of RNAi systems that are essential for an effective risk assessment. Develop a database on targets and off-targets of characterized dsRNA and miRNA sequences.

7.    Development of specific biosafety protocols and post market monitoring requirements and methods for RNAi plants.

8.    Produce risk assessments examples based on case studies of current RNAi applications and developments.

9.    Encouraging, promoting and publicizing research reports by scientists involved in RNAi related studies.

10. A data-base of socio-economic studies on RNAi products. A teaching module for socio-economic assessments of RNAi technologies.

11. A Review of the social and economic impacts of GMP RNAi, including a cost benefit analyses of some commercialized RNAi systems.

12. Develop common research methodologies and approaches as an outcome of coordinated glasshouse and field studies.

13. Reports and communication of results to stakeholders at workshops and in training programmers.

14. Train young scientist, experts, technical advisors and policy makers on RNAi technologies, applications and risk assessment.

15. Production and publication of reports of the activities carried out during the project and of the final report.