WG2. Application of RNAi technology in GM plants

Objectives: To determine the state of development of RNAi plants and factors involved in enhancing their development


Tasks, Deliverables

1.   A study of the current situation on the development and application of RNAi in GM crop plants worldwide. Deliverable: A review of current applications of RNAi.

2.   The feasibility, methodology and advantages of the different test systems will be compared and recommendations, including future improvements, of the systems will be made. Deliverable: A report on various testing systems for RNAi plants.

3.   Develop research and delivery priorities, strategies, proposals and initiatives for developing new RNAi systems and to fill the knowledge gaps. This will enable the Action to communicate to EU and national funding agencies the high priority needs for this research, and to prepare research submissions and proposals. Deliverable: Research Priorities Report.

4.   Coordinate glasshouse and field studies being conducted by participants in order to develop common methodologies and approaches and to provide demonstrations of GM RNAi plants at several locations to the scientific community and to other interested parties. Deliverables: Report on field trial practices; Demonstrations of RNAi plants. 

5.   Support training, conference and workshop programme as described in 2.2.2.