Working Groups

WG1. RNAi technology

Objectives: Determine the state of existing knowledge on RNAi technology and how this is being used in the development of RNAi plants.


WG2. Application of RNAi technology in GM plants

Objectives: To determine the state of development of RNAi plants and factors involved in enhancing their development.


WG3. Specific biosafety issues associated with RNAi

Objectives: The objectives of this working group are:

-     Collect scientific information about biosafety aspects linked to RNAi GM plants,

-     Promote research collaborations in this area in order to reduce uncertainty about non-target effects of RNAi,

-     Produce biosafety protocols to support regulatory bodies in environmental risk assessment for RNAi-expressing GM plants.


WG4. Socio-economic Issues

Objectives: to collate and provide analyses and information on the social and economic impacts of GMP RNAi.


WG5. Communication platform on plant RNAi

Objectives: To develop an effective communication strategy and platform for the Action that reaches all interested parties and the general public as well as members of the Action.