1.   Create an international research consortium of scientists involved in European and national research programs on RNAi, who will be able to exchange knowledge with the worldwide science community.

2.   Set up a process for assembling scientific information on plant gene silencing and build a respective databank and examine the specificity of the selected miRNAs and siRNAs and their impacts on both target and non-target/off-target systems.

3.   Establish data collections on events currently in use and under development and evaluate the efficacy of the RNA molecules to be used for the induction of disease and pest resistance and metabolic changes in plants.

4.   Establish a network of existing and new field trials centers, in several locations, where GM RNAi plants can be field tested and demonstrated to the scientific community and to other interested parties.

5.   Understand the modes of transmission, uptake, systemic spread and degradation of dsRNAs, mi-RNAs and siRNAs in target and non-target organisms and develop specific risk assessment and management guidelines.

6.   Develop a socio-economic platform to consider the impacts of this new technology in EU or international context and the appropriate institutional arrangements.

7.   Provide a training platform in order to train young scientists through STSMs targeted at selected high-impact topics, mentoring programmes and training workshops, building on existing biosafety training networks (e.g. UNIDO-UGent-UNIVPM E-biosafety network, BTSF, ICGEB  etc.).

8.   Promote collaboration and establish a communication platform among European interested parties, public and stakeholders, and with interested parties outside Europe. Encourage the development of new relevant research consortia and programmes within the EU.

9.   Mentoring, organizing workshops, certified training programmes and lab exchanges to improve researchers and end-users efficacy. Where practical this will be done in association with other related international symposia and conferences.

10.   An organized network of scientists working on achieving greater scientific understanding of RNAi mechanisms and interactions and developing approaches for the safe exploitation of RNAi for plant production and protection.