RNAi based pesticides: Environmental biosafety issues


Webinar 2


iPlanta Introduction 16.00

Speaker: Bruno Mezzetti

Specific Environmental Biosafety considerations for RNAi Pesticides 16.05

Speaker: Salvatore Arpaia

Selection of non-target organisms: considerations on the receiving environment, uptake mechanism and susceptibility to RNAi 16.10

Speaker: Salvatore Arpaia (ENEA) Download documents

Role of bioinformatics: Specificity and off-targets, selection of non-target organisms 16.50

Speaker: Olivier Christaens (Univ. Gent) Download documents

Application methods, plant uptake and systemic activity in plants 17.15

Speaker: MichaelWasseneger (AlPlanta - Institute for Plant Research) Download documents

Persistence of dsRNA in the environment and formulations affecting persistence 17.35

Speaker: Joshua Fischer (Bayer) Download documents

Discussion 17.55

End of Webinar comments 18.15

Speaker: Jeremy Sweet


RNAi based pesticides: Environmental biosafety issues