RNAi based pesticides: Regulation issues



iPlanta Introduction 16.00

Speaker: Bruno Mezzetti


Regulations: Developments and Recommendations. 16.05

Speaker: Antje Dietz Pfeilstetter

Specific Issues of RNAi Pesticides identified in the OECD report on Considerations for the Environmental Risk Assessment of the Application of Sprayed or Externally Applied ds-RNA-Based Pesticides 16.10

Speaker: Mike Mendelsohn (US-EPA) Download documents

Authorisation of RNAi products in the EU: Current situation and outlook 16.35

Speaker: Achim Gathmann (BVL) Download documents

USA regulatory approach 16.55

Speaker: Mike Mendelsohn (US EPA) Download documents


Industry perspectives on Regulation

Bayer 17.15

Speaker: Greg Watson Download documents

Green Light Biotechnology 17.30

Speaker: Laurent Mézin Download documents


Discussion 17.45

End of Webinar comments 18.15

Speaker: Jeremy Sweet


Webinar Video

RNAi based pesticides: Regulation issues