RNAi-based control of fungal pathogens

Webinar 5

RNAi-based control of fungal pathogens



4:00pm   iPlanta Introduction

Speaker: Bruno Mezzetti

4:05pm   RNAi-based control of fungal pathogens

Speaker: (Chair): Elena Baraldi

4:10pm   Disease control by dsRNA

Speaker: Karl Heinz Kogel

4:40pm   RNAi in Colletotrichum abscissum, causal agent of citrus

Speaker: Eduardo Goulin

5.10pm   Understanding spray induced gene silencing using RNAi techonologies to control Sclerotinia

Speaker: Mark F. Belmonte

5.40pm   Spray-induced gene silencing for disease control is dependent on the efficiency of pathogen RNA uptake

Speaker: Hailing Jin

6.10pm   HIGS and SIGS approach to induce resistance against Botrytis cinerea in strawberry (Fragraria x ananassa) and grapevine (Vitis vinifera)

Speaker: Luca Capriotti

6.40pm   Discussion