RNAi strategy to control insect pests'

WEBINAR n 6: RNAi strategy to control insect pests'



16:00 Welcome by Bruno Mezzetti 

Speaker: Introduction by Olivier Christiaens

16:05 Mechanisms limiting the efficiency of RNA interference in insects

Speaker: Anastasia Cooper (Kansas State University)

16:25 Candidate genetic determinants of intraspecific variation in pea aphid susceptibility to RNA interference

Speaker: June-Sun Yoon (Cornell University/Oregon State University)

16:45 Alternatively structured dsRNAs can enter insect cells using different uptake mechanisms

Speaker: Steve Whyard (University of Manitoba)

 17:05 Research insights into delivering long dsRNA to plant tissues for insect control

Speaker: Geert Plaetinck (Syngenta, Ghent Innovation Center)

17:25 Improving RNAi in lepidopteran insects

Speaker: Subba Reddy Palli (University of Kentucky)

17:45 High level resistance to topically applied dsRNA in Colorado potato beetle

Speaker: Juan Luis Jurat-Fuentes (University of Tennessee)

18:05 RNA interference in the stink bug Nezara viridula

Speaker: Rohit Sharma (Ghent University)

18:25 -18:50 Questions and Discussion


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