RNAi plant epigenetics and development

Webinar 9

RNAi plant epigenetics and development



10:00 iPlanta Introduction

Speaker: Bruno Mezzetti

10.05 Plant regulation - epigenetic and development

Speaker: (Chair: Athanasios Dalakouras)

10:10 RNA-directed DNA methylation as tool to modify plant epigenetics

Speaker: Michael Wassenegger

10:40 Epigenetic modifications: an unexplored facet of exogenous RNA application in plants

Speaker: Athanasios Dalakouras

11.10 Application strategies for exo-RNAi induction in Arabidopsis thaliana

Speaker: Alexandra Dubrovina

11.40 Emerging roles for small RNAs in plant somatic embryogenesis

Speaker: Sandra Correia

12.10 Understanding the role of RNAi machinery in viroid and viral satellite infections

Speaker: Kriton Kalantidis

12.40 Discussion

13.00 End of the meeting